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£174 Samsung BD-C820M/XEU Blu-ray HDD T2 Recorder

The BD-C820M/XEU Blu-ray HDD T2 recorder is yet another product from Samsung that caters to your enjoyment with greater choice and even better imagery.

The player brings your TV to life with atleast 5 times the clarity in picture compared to standard definition output. The player provides Full HD picture quality at 1080p quality making your living room more or less like a cinema.

The wide spectrum of media sharing and internet access coupled with impressive data storage capacity ensures that there are very few limits to what fun can be had. 250GB of hard disk space will give you an amazing 67 hours of HD recording time for all types of compatible media including the integrated digital tuner that gives you the options to record, pause and rewind live TV programmes, etc.

In terms of connectivity, the BD-820M has an HDMI port, a USB port and built in Wi-Fi. The wireless connectivity allows you to access Inernet@TV and the multitude of online entertainment channels makes sure that you never run out of entertainment options.

Samsung's Allshare (powered by DLNA) would let you sync your PC and Samsung mobile phone with your Blu-ray player, streaming content as well as enable you to note who’s calling and texting you with real-time monitoring on your screen.

The Samsung BD-C820M/XEU Blu-ray HDD T2 Recorder can be bought from Tesco Direct for £174.