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Analyst Claims Amazon Tablet May Spark Surge in Non-iPad Tablet Sales

Online retail giant Amazon’s forthcoming tablet computer could beef up the sales of non iPad tablets, thus bringing Cupertino based Apple some serious competition, according to a new prediction.

The prediction was made by Mark Moskowitz - a prominent analyst at J.P. Morgan who is of the view that the performance of the worldwide tablet market, in the forthcoming days will more or less be dependent on how the Amazon tablet is received in the market.

Ever since the debut of the Apple iPad, the tablet market has been solely dominated by it. However, Amazon’s decision to step into the business has ignited quite a bit of speculations about the so-far unipolar tablet soon turning into a bi-polar one with Apple at one end, and the retail giant on the other.

"We believe Amazon's entry into the tablet market could provide a shot in the arm to the non-Apple tablet market. As we have discussed in previous reports, entry into the tablet market by Amazon or Microsoft could make for reshaped market conditions," Moskowitz said in his report Sept. 8, eWeek reports.

“Our iPad estimates for 2012 could have upside potential if no number two player emerges." he added.