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Cisco Calls Out Rival Juniper Networks Over Missed Deadlines and False Promises

Update 9/13: Comment from Juniper Networks

“We’re not going to comment on a competitor’s publicity stunt. Customers tell us they want an alternative to the legacy approach, and we’re focused on delivering innovation for them. It appears as if Cisco has once again lost focus.” - David Shane, VP, Global Corporate Communications, Juniper Networks

Cisco thrashed Juniper Networks Inc. last week claiming that it was not capable enough to even meet deadlines when delivering its products.

According to Cisco, Juniper is yet to deliver some of its highly anticipated and most sought after products, including the likes of QFabric. Not just that, the networking giant also claims that Juniper has yet to deliver some of its earlier promises including that all of its products would be running on the same OS platform.

Cisco has always refrained from commenting directly on its competitors’ internal affairs. However, seems like after going through a few rough quarters recently, the company is in desperate need to convey the message to its opponent that it continues to be the most successful company in the marketplace and will remain so in the foreseeable future.

Juniper is "leaving customers and partners disappointed," said Cisco's executive vice president of operations, Rob Lloyd, as reported (opens in new tab) by the Wall Street Journal.

"We think we need to be a little more aggressive in calling out missed promises and missed expectations," he added.