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Cisco Completes AXIOSS Software Assets Acquisition

Enterprise networking giant Cisco has completed the acquisition of software assets of Comptel Corporation’s UK subsidiary.

Cisco acquired the software assets and related workforce for Comptel’s UK subsidiary, previously known as Axiom Systems for $31 million. Comptel, which is based out of Finland, had acquired UK based Axiom back in 2008.

According to the company, the acquisition will allow it to bring network and service management technologies to its Internet Protocol network platforms.

“Cisco acquired the AXIOSS software suite, a fulfillment platform that strengthens the Cisco service provider management offering by automating ordering and fulfillment. The software provides management capabilities for network services across Cisco's five company priorities,” the company said in a press release.

The software suite will also be integrated with Cisco Prime, which allows service providers to manage their networks and network services in a better and cost effective way. The platform will be updated with new service management and fulfillment capabilities.

Cisco said the AXIOSS software team will be joining the Cisco Network Management Technology and Cisco Advanced Services Groups. The company will rope in Axiom employees at a time when it readies itself to cut 6,500 jobs as a part of its cost cutting initiatives.