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Commercial Director for UK's Talk Talk Worried about Fibre Monopoly

The war of words between UK’s telecom giants continues as Talk Talk thrashed the telecom giant BT amidst growing fears of a monopoly.

Apparently, Talk Talk did not stop there and went on to claim that BT was planning to establish a control over fibre, which could eventually leave the country with a gradually weakening infrastructure than its other European counterparts currently enjoy.

The charges were brought against the telecom giant by TalkTalk's group commercial director David Goldie. He stated that the policies taken by BT could not do the taxpayers in the country any good.

"At all times BT is thinking about how it can recover the monopoly position that it lost many years ago," said David Goldie in an exclusive statement to The Guardian.

However, its not the first time that Talk Talk has made such severe accusations against BT.

"Right now BT knows what its costs are but nobody else does. I look at it from the point of view of the taxpayer and the market and none of them is well served by having a bidding process that favours one party,” Goldie added.