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Intel Spreading Wings, Wants to Dominate Software Industry

A recent revelation by a top executive of chipmaker Intel sheds light into the fact how the company is looking forward to earn as much reputation in the software market as it has in the hardware domain.

The revelation was made by Intel’s corporate vice president Doug Fisher while he was attending the company’s Software Media Day held on Thursday. He told the attendees that having been recognised as a leading force in the hardware market, the time has come when the company should seriously try to establish as a formidable opponent in the cut throat competitive software industry.

"Software companies are reshaping the industry today," said Fisher, according to this After Dawn report. Fisher also pointed out how it is crucial for the company to support developers from all around the world by supplying tools, providing software development training, developers conferences as well as other such measures.

“These investments in best-of-breed software vendors play an integral part in Intel's software strategy by fuelling the creation of compelling and unique user experiences across devices. They also demonstrate our stage-agnostic approach to investing in support of this ecosystem," the vice president said.