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Microsoft Releases ‘Patch Tuesday’ Info Ahead of Time

Windows maker Microsoft Corp. announced on Sunday some details regarding the five security updates it is planning to ship this week.

Needless to say, the move taken by the company has surprised quite a few in the industry experts- and rightly so- Redmond based operating system giant has never unveiled information on a forthcoming security update the way it did this time.

Usually the software behemoth makes available the details of its security updates, commonly known as “bulletins”, only after they are shipped.

Despite unveiling the bulletins last week on Friday, the company, however is yet to release the updates.

"From what Microsoft had given us yesterday, none of these [bulletins] were terribly exciting or worrisome. So I see this as an embarrassment of procedure rather than a giant disclosure," Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle Security said in a statement, Computer World reports.

“They might just release the updates, maybe Monday, after deciding to go early to cover the bases. They may do that if they see a huge risk to users in waiting [for Tuesday]," he added.

Storms also went on to say that though unexpected, the move taken by Microsoft holds the potential to benefit smaller businesses as they now have sufficient amount of time to prepare themselves for the updates.