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More HP TouchPad Tablets Coming To Carphone Warehouse, Argos?

We received some updates earlier today about more TouchPad tablets hitting high street retailer Argos, with one anonymous reader saying that several thousand Touchpad tablets have been sent to Argos with employee screens showing stocks centrally but nothing at stores locally.

Interestingly, another report mentioned that Argos' internal stock system for the 64GB model showed that it was not available for sale rather than being out of stock, which could mean that Argos will have some stock.

Another big retailer, Carphone Warehouse/Best Buy, is apparently selling the TouchPad for £350 at its Oxford Street Store. This report is unconfirmed as yet.

Carphone Warehouse is expected to continue using the TouchPad to lure customers to buy into its contract offers, which will include the Pre 3 and the Wildfire amongst others.

More emails we receive indicate that the TouchPad will be available only at larger, more central, "wireless" stores, the ones which offer mobile broadband on top of mobile contracts. has confirmed that they have yet to receive any details regarding stock updates.

Finally, some good news for HP employees looking to get the HP TouchPad. Not only have we heard that HP will retain stock for their own staff, but also that most of them will actually be 32GB, not the cheaper 16GB.

6000 TouchPads for HP UK Employees have been reserved with only five per cent of those being 16GB models. HP also added in a communication that "successful applicants will be notified by email within 1 week of registration, with full details on how to purchase a Touchpad."

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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