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Samsung May Stop Making Smartphones for Windows Phone 7 Platform

Samsung might not support smartphones based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform beyond 2012.

According to an article in The Inquirer, a company related to the Korean consumer electronics giant said that in a tweet that the company might stop supporting WP7 devices soon.

“Samsung will support Windows phone till end 2012,” the company said in a tweet, adding, “It's true about Samsung and Windows Phone. Windows Phone market is smaller than Samsung's own OS bada."

This revelation was made by Samfirmware, a company that releases the Samsung ROMs for phones. The company claims to have intimate knowledge about Samsung's plans.

Samsung, which is preparing to unveil the first Windows 8 based tablet device, has not commented on these allegations. Samsung, which makes smartphones based on Android and Bada, would not want to restrict its devices to just two platforms.

The company is also battling Apple in a lawsuit over Android and with Google over its announcement to acquire Motorola, so Samsung would not want to lean too heavily on Android at the moment.