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Sprint iPhone 5 Could Crush The Competition With Unlimited Data Plans

Sprint, the third largest US wireless carrier is trying to fight back against its two main competitors AT&T and Verizon Wireless by offering unlimited data plans for the iPhone 5, which should arrive next month.

Sprint is in dire need of a new, innovative, competitive product as in the last year it has lost 18% on the New York Stock Exchange, and it seems that the carrier is planning to trump its two giant rivals with the unlimited deal, Bloomberg (opens in new tab) reports.

Through this offer Sprint would become the only US operator to offer an unlimited data service for a flat fee subscription. The competition would have to rethink its policy if this rumour is true, as AT&T only offers unlimited voice service for $69.99 with 200 megabytes at $15/month, 2 gigabytes for $25 or 4 gigabytes for $45; while Verizon's offers start at $30 for 2 gigabytes and reach $80 for 10 gigabytes, of course on top of the $69.99 a month for unlimited voice service.

Executives from the company based in Overland Park, Kansas are no doubt aiming for a come-back as Sprint has been losing money for the past 15 quarters. Still, officials from Sprint and Apple refused to comment on this report, suggesting that they cannot make comments about services which have not yet been announced officially.

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