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Ubuntu Switching to Monthly Release Cycle Like Firefox?

A member of Ubuntu’s technical board has proposed that like Firefox, Linux based Ubuntu should switch to a monthly release cycle.

Scott James Remnant, a member of the Ubuntu Technical Board and a former Ubuntu Developer Manager, said in a blog post that the current six month release cycle for the open source platform was problematic for developers.

He suggested that instead of a lengthy six month cycle, the platform must about a monthly release cycle and roll out features as and when they are finished.

“So you’re an Ubuntu developer working on features for the upcoming release, you don’t have anywhere near as much time as you’d expect to actually do the development work. What happens if you’re replacing something that works with something completely new? Can’t you just target a later release, and work continually until the feature freeze of that release?” he wrote.

“There is an incredible emphasis on the Ubuntu planning process of targeting features for particular releases. This is the exact thing you’re not supposed to do with a time-based release schedule,” he added.

He proposed that following the release of Ubuntu 11.10 in October, new versions should be released every month.