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AMD is world's fastest chip with 8.4GHz FX

AMD has broken the world record for processor clock speed with an overclocked version of the chip company's 'Bulldozer'-based FX processor, whacked up to a whopping clock speed of over 8GHz.

'Team AMD' overclockers Sami Maekinen, Brian McLachlan, Pete Hardman, Aaron Schradin, and Simon Solotko, a senior manager at AMD achieved the record speed using a helium-cooled rig to push the chip to a peak speed of 8.429GHz, comfortably overturning the previous record of 8.309GHz. The record-breaking chip had only two of its eight cores enabled.

In addition to the record-breaking chip demo, carried out under the watchful gaze of officials from the Guinness Book of Records, AMD had a range of pre-release FX processors overclocked to around 5GHz using high-end air and water-cooling; up to 6GHz using phase-change technology; and to speeds above 8GHz using a combination of liquid nitrogen and liquid helium.

The demos proved an impressive platform to demonstrate the overclocking headroom offered by the FX's new Bulldozer architecture, as well as testing potential bugs that may arise from operating the chips under extreme cooling.

Slated for an end-of-year release, wholesale pricing for the FX chips leaked out today, and range from from $188 for the FX-6100 up to $266 for the high-end FX-8150. Bulldozer desktop chips have been postponed from an original September release date - a move rumoured to allow a number of performance tweaks to be implemented.

AMD's video of the world record effort is here: