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Angry Birds Hollywood Debut Round the Corner?

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Rovio’s massively popular title “Angry Birds” could make its Hollywood debut pretty soon.

Apparently, the general manager of Rovio’s North American wing claimed at TechCrunch Disrupt yesterday, saying that though Hollywood was still sort of “hot” for the company and the game, but Rovio was going to ponder over new “entertainment opportunities” in the months to come.

Andrew Stalbow - the North American general manager for Rovio also claimed that his company had already developed a newer version of the game, dubbed Angry Birds Rio to promote the forthcoming movie Rio. It also explained that the move has so far been beneficial for both the companies.

"There's a very strong focus on Angry Birds to turn it into an entertainment franchise," Stalbow said. "That's why I joined." (Why is it Angry Birds so popular?), according to this PC Mag report.

But, the general manager refrained from disclosing if there is any upcoming movie featuring the Angry bird theme.

Having witnessed months of craze about the game all around the world, the company also announced that despite making the game available for free for almost all the available platforms, the company is doing just fine in the market.