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GameStop To Sell iPad 2 Rival Tablet

Tablets are quickly becoming the new netbooks as yet another company, this time GameStop, via its CEO, who confirmed that it has already chosen an Android-based tablet to carry the GameStop brand.

The device will take on the Sony Tablet S and the iPad 2 in the increasingly crowded world of tablets within the gaming demographic (via

More specifically, GameStop's tablet will be a "certified platform" that will allow users to stream console games using a technology licensed from Spawn Labs.

Interestingly, the tablet will come with a dedicated gaming controller and Gamestop already tested at the beginning of the year a trade-in scheme that allows users to swap their electronic devices for instore credits.

Now given the ease with which companies can get custom-made, own branded tablets, it shouldn't come as a surprise if the likes of decides to follow this strategy in order to get a captive audience away from traditional gaming platforms.

The likes of Steam, the App Store or Onlive are taking apart the very assumptions that you need a powerful gaming console in order to experience an enjoyable gaming session.

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