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Google Predicts Job Growth in UK Due to Internet Technology Boom

Google predicts hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created in the UK by 2015 due to a boom in Internet technologies.

The head of Google’s operations in Europe, Philipp Schindler, claims that even though the economy is suffering at the moment, Internet companies and businesses that actively use the web are growing, according to the Daily Telegraph.

He said that based on the economic forecast compiled by Google’s analysts, the country is most likely to see the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the next 4 years thanks to the Internet, as it contributes to one-fifth of Britain’s GDP.

"A study by McKinsey has shown that in France and in a mature economy like the UK, the Internet is responsible for a fifth of GDP growth. In the UK, given the rate of job creation that economists associate with a rise in GDP, this translates into an expectation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs thanks to the Internet," Schindler said.

"And I think that is on the conservative side. That is what could be achieved by putting a focus on this sector. That feels to me like a sizable number," he added.