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Intel Atom CPUs E6xx Series Equipped with Android 2.3 OS Platform

Intel Corp. has officially confirmed that the next generation of Intel Atom CPUs - the E6xx series will be equipped with the Android 2.3 OS platform, also known as the Gingerbread.

The company also set itself a deadline for the same, which is January 2012.

With this move, Intel now follows the footsteps of arch rivals Nvidia and Qualcomm who had already introduced similar products a while back. In addition, Nvidia and Qualcomm’s products are compatible with both the Android 2.2 Honeycomb and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

No doubt, the extended capability of its new generation product will strengthen Intel’s stake in the ever expanding mobile industry. But only time will tell the impact it will have in mitigating the tough competition coming from company rivals.

“So why Android and why now?”, wrote Dave Courbanou,The EvarGuy in his report.

“I think it’s because Intel is losing ground in the mobile wars, partly because ARM CPUs are dominating the space. ARM CPUs have proven more powerful, more customisable and more energy-efficient than most of their Intel counterparts,” he explained.