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Mac Sales Increase About 6 Percent for September

The latest data from NPD shows Apple Mac sales increased substantially at the beginning of September.

Interestingly, the growth rate happened to be about 6 percent higher in comparison to what was earlier expected from the product line for the entire quarter.

Based on this data from the NPD report, Apple analyst at Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster issued a small note estimating overall sales of the Mac family line up to reach the 4.5 million figure during the quarter.

According to Munster, strong sales of Macs will primarily driven by the emergence of the OS X Lion operating system, combined with the introduction of new products in the MacBook Airs and Mac Mini line ups.

“We believe this early data suggests Mac sales in the range of 4.4m-4.6m, or 13%-18% y/y growth (we believe Street consensus is 4.5m Macs in the quarter and we are also at 4.5m). Note that we estimate Mac revenue will represent 20% of overall revenue in the Sept. quarter,” Munster pointed out, according to a Business Insider report.