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Microsoft Build 2011 Conference: Will Windows 8 Details be Revealed?

Windows maker Microsoft’s forthcoming Build conference, to be held in Anaheim, California will see lots of software developers from all around the world. And, the same conference will also witness the software giant unveiling further details about the Windows 8 operating system platform.

Windows 8, which happens to be the successor of the moderately successful OS Windows 7, is however, not going to be just refreshment in the Windows family line up. According to experts, the forthcoming offering from the company is perhaps the most crucial one since the Windows era began - and rightly so - after all, the post-PC computing age has just began and the future of the PC industry continues to be merely a subject of speculation.

"The stakes are huge," says Charles King, principal analyst at research firm Pund-IT, according to this USA Today report.

"The company must play outside its comfort zone, but if Microsoft succeeds, the potential opportunities could be significant," he added.

However, the Windows maker refrained to comment anything regarding what to expect from it during Build, urging fans and the media to wait for the event itself.