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Microsoft Kinect Can Sense Old-Age Illness

A new study has revealed that how the technology used in Microsoft’s Kinect can be used to monitor elderly people for indicators of illness or risk of fall.

Researchers over at the University of Missouri conducted two separate studies that involved monitoring elderly people living in TigerPlace, a community located in Columbia.

One of the studies conducted by the researchers involved using the motion sensing camera that is used in Kinect to monitor the behaviour of elderly patients.

Researchers also developed a fall detection system, based on Dopler Radar, to look for changes in bending, walking and other movements that increase the risk of fall.

"Changes in the sensor patterns can then be used to detect early signs of illness and functional decline. The gait analysis provides a method to assess fall risk, which is one indicator of health changes. Early detection of health changes facilitates early interventions, which keeps people healthier" said Marjorie Skubic, a member of the team that conducted the studies.

“We have shown in the lab that these parameters can be measured with the webcam system (using silhouettes) and have now begun to capture this type of data in the home,” she added.