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Nintendo Announces New Games for 3DS Handheld

Nintendo recently unveiled a range of new video games with the intent of increasing sales of its average selling 3DS handheld game console.

Unfortunately, the news failed to have significant effect on investors as shares of the company fell by 5 percent before the announcement was made.

The new Nintendo 3DS handheld console was unveiled in February 2011. But ever since, the company has been seen desperately trying to sustain the product’s popularity in the market following a not-so-impressive initial performance.

As a result, Nintendo was compelled to offer a massive price cut, which in turn ended up disappointing investors as they could clearly see the 3DS was failing to live up to industry expectations.

"From the end of this year to the beginning of next, we are planning the kind of extensive line-up that has probably never been seen before in the history of video games," said Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, as reported by the The Inquirer.

"We will make an all-out effort to see that the 3DS sells enough to become the successor to the DS," he added.