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Noon News: Michael Arrington Leaves AOL, Nvidia Seeks Windows Phone Entry, GlobalSign Resumes Certificate Issuance

Michael Arrington has finally parted ways with AOL after a week long tussle with the internet company. Things were going smooth till Arrington decided to start a new venture capital firm called CrunchFund, which would help power the start-ups that sometimes feature on the TechCrunch blog. AOL had, a few months back, acquired technology blog TechCrunch, which was founded by Arrington, for $30 million.

A new revelation from the chipmaker Nvidia has confirmed that the company is planning to get its chips into the Windows Phone pretty soon. According to a slide show presented by the company, it is going to take one on one with the arch rival Qualcomm by launching a combined processor/baseband chipset sometime in 2013.

US wireless carrier AT&T has responded to the lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice in order to block its acquisition of T-Mobile. The company said in its response that the acquisition will have a positive impact on market competition instead of the negative impact that the DoJ and others are foretelling. AT&T claimed that the DoJ, in its complaint, fails to grasp the positive impact of the deal on competition.

GlobalSign, another web authentication agency which recently found itself at the receiving end of a security breach, has admitted that it uncovered evidences of one of its servers being hacked by unknown perpetrators. The company which issues digital certificates to domains voluntarily suspended its operations after claims were made about a successful hack attack in its servers.

Tech heavyweight Qualcomm Incorporated announced on Monday the expanded availability of the company’s Femtocell Station Modem; FSM9816, FSM9832 and FSM9216 enterprise chipsets, as well as Qualcomm's fully integrated system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for Femtocell development.

Ravi Mandalia

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