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Social Networking Taking Up 25% of American Web Time

It’s no longer a secret how addictive social networking sites such as Facebook can be. But, if a single nation spends as much as 53 billion minutes on Facebook in just a single month, that’s a bit of surprising! That’s what Americans did in the month of May if we are to believe the outcomes of a recent study.

According to the research outfit Nielsen’s recent study, internet users in the US spent 53 billion minutes surfing Facebook in the month of May - and the figure happens to be much more than what they spent surfing any other websites within that time frame.

In comparison to that, the same month in 2010 saw the country spending almost 50 billion minutes on the site - near about 6 percent less.

The study also claimed that over 22 percent of the total surfing time by the country’s Internet users was spent on social media only, followed by 9.8 percent on online gaming and over 7 percent in reading or writing emails.

The Nielsen study was aimed at analysing the "trends and consumption patterns across social media platforms in the U.S. and other major markets, exploring the rising influence of social media on consumer behaviour."