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Supercomputer 'Watson' to Work with Health Insurer WellPoint in Improving Patient Care

Watson, the supercomputer created by IBM, is joining forces with WellPoint - the largest health insurer in the US in terms of membership, to help diagnose and cure patients.

Watson happens to be the same supercomputer that created quite a stir earlier this year after appearing on the widely popular TV game show “Jeopardy!” Watson went on to beat two human champions.

According to both IMB and WellPoint, Watson is quite capable of serving as a “powerful tool” when it comes to assisting doctors with their diagnosis and treatment of patients.

With over 34 million members, WellPoint, happens to be the largest health insurance service provider in the country in terms of membership.

“ [Watson will] develop and launch Watson-based solutions to help improve patient care" and IBM will supply the Watson technology powering the health care products,” from a statement from WellPoint, according to an AFP report.

"Imagine having the ability to take in all the information around a patient's medical care -- symptoms, findings, patient interviews and diagnostic studies," said WellPoint chief medical officer, Sam Nussbaum.