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Windows Server 8 Server Manager Screenshot Surfaces

A leaked screenshot of the Windows Server 8’s server manager dashboard has surfaced over the Web amidst of speculations regarding whether or not Microsoft is going to officially unveil it at BUILD conference, or if it is just another internal, pre-beta testing release.

Microsoft has been unveiling quite a lot of information about different aspects in the Windows 8 operating system platform in anticipation of the Build conference, scheduled today, i.e. on Sep 13.

The authenticity of the screenshot, however, is yet to be confirmed by the Windows maker, and thus it is quite safe to put it in the rumors and speculation category. Moreover, it is a quite low resolution screenshot, and fails to deliver any clue regarding its features. The UI is somehow identifiable though with options of adding roles for the server and more or less a tile based user interface.

Seems like, there is no way we can find out any further details about these screenshots, as well as about the server manager dashboard until and unless the company discloses any further info. And, whether or not it is going to do so is still not clear either.