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£59.95 Eltax Concept 180 Loudspeakers

The Eltax Concept 180 Speakers provide you with a powerful audio set up that cater to virtually all kinds of purposes - be it gaming, movies, music or whatever else! The speakers act as a perfect replacement for your crappy plastic speakers and would fit your budget quite easily.

Blended with high-end technologies and a really attractive design, the device comes at a really affordable price too, and gives you the true value of your money.

Each speaker is equipped with a stunning 165 mm Woofer, 100 mm mid driver and 25 mm twitter - ensuring in the process a really amazing frequency response from 45 to 20,000 Hz. These floorstanding speakers can drive as much as 90W in continuous mode with 180W peaks, running at a 4-8 Ohms impedance with 87dB sensitivity.

Even though these speakers are floorstanding, they don’t take up too much space and would fit right into a corner of your room without being evidently visible. The heavy bracing on the inside helps reduce the vibrations due to sound to a minimal, undetectable and harmless level

The Eltax Concept 180 Loudspeakers are available from Richer Sounds for £59.95.