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Apple iPhone 5 Is More Eagerly Awaited Than iPhone 4 Was

The iPhone 4 is still the top-selling smartphone in the world, registering huge sales figures even though it was launched more than one year ago. The upcoming fifth version of the iPhone will have very tough competition this time as there are more and more powerful Android smartphones out there.

Another threat to the iPhone 5's success could be the smartphones that Google is planning on releasing, having now entered the hardware market, using Motorola's rich patent database.

However, a recent survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets comes to suggest that, in fact, the iPhone 5 is seeing "unprecedented demand" even before its official launch. Analyst Mike Abramsky reveals that 31% of 2,220 people questioned between August 2nd and August 10th were interested in buying the iPhone 5. A similar survey that was conducted last year by the same company showed a percentage smaller by 6%.

The same survey discovered than two thirds of the iPhone 4 owners are going to upgrade to the fifth version as soon as it hits the shelves. RBC has also revised its shipping estimates for 2012, from 105 million units to 110 million.

Another interesting part of the survey was whether consumers would agree to switch carriers in order to get iPhone 5. 54% of Sprint subscribers and 53% from T-mobile said that they are more likely to buy the iPhone 5 if it lands on their current carrier.

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