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Apple iPhone 5 To Be Preceded By iPhone 4S?

MacRumors recently got their hands on a research note from an analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo from Concord Securities, which may dampen a few people's expectations over Apple's upcoming iPhone.

Ming-Chi Kuo claims that manufacturers will receive the Gold Master version of iOS 5 in the last week of September, which makes plausible the October release of the iPhone 5. But, if we take a closer look at the details Kuo provided, we realise that this could be the so-called iPhone 4S and not the "revolutionary" iPhone 5, which everybody is waiting for.

The specifications for the envisioned iPhone by the analyst are:

  • 512 MB of RAM, provided by the A5 chip which is now utilised in the iPad 2
  • Camera module's height could be the same as in iPhone 4, meaning that the next iPhone or the 4S version will not be much thinner than the iPhone 4
  • 3.5-inch display; if Kuo's note has a grain of truth in it, then this could be the biggest factor that indicates the next iPhone will actually be the 4S and not the 5
  • Glass front and back; Kuo is suggesting that Apple may keep its basic design as in iPhone 4

A similar report on the iPhone 5 suggesting only minor upgrades alongside the integration of the A5 chip was published by Apple Insider back in April.

Will Apple risk launching a "4S" version instead of releasing a totally new iPhone 5 that could put its opponents back in their place and reclaim the title of the best (although still most popular) smartphone in the world?

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