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Facebook Launches Three New Friend List Options

Facebook has launched a new friend list feature, which seems like a page taken from Google’s book.

In a blog post, the company explained it was introducing three new improvements to the platform.

First is Smart Lists, which allows users to sort out the people on their list based on categories such as work, friends, family and acquaintances. This will make it easier for people to decide what to share and with whom - similar to what Google+ allows users with circles.

Next is the Close Friends and Acquaintances Lists, which as the name indicates, allows users to separate their close friends from acquaintances.

The third improvement is called Better Suggestions, which will make it easier for people to add friends to their lists.

“Unlike your smart lists for your work, school, family and city, we don't create Close Friends and Acquaintances lists for you. Since these types of relationships are unique, it's important for you to decide who goes in your Close Friends, Acquaintances or Restricted lists -- if you use them at all,” the company explained.