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Google to Allow At-Home WiFi Users to Opt-Out of WiFi Tracking Technology

Google is adopting a new policy that allows home users with wireless network connectivity to opt-out from the company’s Wi Fi tracking technology.

The Mountain View-based search behemoth announced this move on Tuesday. It has been greeted with only positive feedback so far.

The move, according to analysts, will help significantly in lowering the privacy concerns of all those who otherwise would have turned critical of such an ‘invasion’ by the company into their personal domains.

Google’s Wi Fi tracking technology is primarily aimed at exploiting GPS systems, Wi Fi access points, cellular phone towers, Wi Fi access points etc. to come up with more relevant search results.

“Even though the wireless access point signals we use in our location services don't identify people, we think we can go further in protecting people's privacy," wrote Google’s Global Privacy Counsel, Peter Fleischer in a blog post (opens in new tab).

“At the request of several European data protection authorities, we are building an opt-out service that will allow an access point owner to opt out from Google's location services. Once opted out, our services will not use that access point to determine users’ locations,” he added.