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Google’s Dominance in Search Market Staggers, Slightly Though

Google, which have long stood as the undisputed king in the global search market, is finally facing some minor resistance from the arch rivals Yahoo! and Microsoft. Despite the minor setback, it is still leagues ahead of the opposing forces when it comes to the individual stakes in the overall market.

According to a latest data published by the research outfit comScore, the Windows maker’s Bing and Yahoo!’s Yahoo Search are slowly and gradually improving their shares in the global share market, and that too at the expense of Mountain View’s shares.

comScore evaluated Google’s stake in the market last month at somewhere around the 64.8 percent mark- some 0.3 percent lower than what it was enjoying a month back in July. In comparison to this, Yahoo! and Microsoft’s shares beefed up by 0.2 percent and 0.3 percent respectively.

Yahoo!’s stake in the market was evaluated at 16.3 percent for the month of July, while that of Microsoft stood at near about 14.7 percent.

According to a majority of the industry observers, the status quo of the search market will hardly go through any significant changes with such minor changes in performances by these tech giants.