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Grindr Introduces New Social and Dating Service App for Straight People

Grindr, the massively popular mobile dating application aimed at gay men has developed a brand new service - Grindr for straight people.

According to the company, the new service will focus more on providing a platform for like minded people to interact with each other, befriend,and if possible, move from the virtual world into real life.

Joel Simkhai, the chief executive and founder of Grindr, says that the only difference between both services are that one service is more concerned about hooking up (gay) couples, the other is primarily based on the ideas of friendship and common tastes in life.

"It's much, much deeper than 'hey, do you want to go on a date?" said Simkha, in a statement (opens in new tab) TheGuardian. "It's about finding new friends. It is very difficult to meet new people who are interested in the same things you are – Blendr will help solve the problem.”

The original Grindr app, which was launched back in 2009 became a hit amongst single gay people. Since then, its BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad versions have been downloaded over 2.6 million times worldwide.