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Hackers Install "Scareware" Onto Website uTorrent

After ‘victimising’ many high profile corporate headquarters and a few world governments, the dark forces in cyberspace recently targeted the massively popular file sharing site uTorrent.

According to reports, unknown hacker(s) breached into the Bit torrent website on Tuesday and injected scareware into it. Site officials were quick in responding to the attack though by immediately detecting the breach that reportedly occurred approximately at 12:20 pm BST.

Apparently, the scareware was injected into the site's ‘download software’ segment. Anyone who downloaded and installed the infected program was greeted back by a pop-up message with a fake warning that a virus had entered the system. After this, the program asked for payment from the user to remove it.

"This morning at approximately 4:20 am Pacific Time, the and BitTorrent web services were compromised. Our standard software download was replaced with a type of fake anti-virus 'scareware' program," the company wrote on its blog, according to a BBC News report (opens in new tab).

“Just after 6am Pacific Time we took the affected servers offline to neutralise the threat. Our servers are now back online and functioning normally...We sincerely apologise to any users who were affected," the post read.