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HP Initiates Partial Refunds to Full Priced TouchPad Owners

US based technology giant Hewlett-Packard is going to make partial refunds to all those unfortunate purchasers of the TouchPad tablet, who bought the device just before the luscious price cut was introduced by the company following its decision to officially abandon the product.

This means, users who purchased the TouchPad before August 23 at its original price will be returned the additional amount they had to pay in comparison to those who purchased it during the fire sale price.

This means that the buyers of the 16GB Wi-Fi only TouchPad will receive a refund, equal to the difference between the sum they paid, and £89.

The other more expensive TouchPad models, as well the Pre3 smartphone owners who missed the fire-sale offer, will also be covered by the same compensation programme.

The TouchPad which was launched by the company as its answer to the Apple iPad, somehow proved to be sort of an epic failure - at least in comparison to all the hypes and anticipation it managed to create before release.

However, following HP’s announcement of abandoning any further production of the WebOS powered device, it was offered for a much lowered price by the company.