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HTC 4.7in 'Runymede' phone leaked as HTC Bass

The new giant 4.7-inch smartphone from HTC, code-named 'Runymede', is to be called the HTC Bass, if an inadvertent leak on the site of UK supplier Handtec proves correct.

Details first emerged of the Runymede on Monday, with speculation that in addition to the big screen, the handset's major selling point would be its audio capabilities - a factor that appearsd borne out by HTC's new choice of moniker.

The new handset is rumoured to be one of the first to incorporate the Beats Audio technology that HTC purchased from a company co-founded by hip hop producer Dr Dre.

Though pricing details are conspicuously absent on what seems like a page posted in error, the pre-order listing confirms the phone's 1.5GHz single-core processor, along with front-facing 8-megapixel snapper and 1.3-megapixel videoconferencing camera, plus the usual GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth.

The handset on offer at Handtec is a 16GB model, but reports indicate a choice of 32GB will be available too. At 4.7-inch, the 480x800 screen - matching the size of the recently-announced Windows Phone 7-based HTC Titan - looks set to see the Bass do battle with smaller tablet devices - though it runs the smartphone-specific Android 2.3 'Gingerbread' edition.