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Intel Predicts Microservers will Greatly Impact Server Market Over the Next Few Years

At this year’s Intel Developer Forum, also known as the IDF, the chip maker revealed that microservers have the potential influence technology markets by contributing about 10 percent of the overall x64 addressable market.

Microservers are small electronic devices with the capability to efficiently host all sorts of Web infrastructure workloads.

Naveen Bohra, a product marketing engineer at Intel Developer Forum, explained the company’s vision and sense of optimism regarding the future of microserver products. Apparently, Bohra’s presentation was not too different from what the company had stated earlier in the year.

Bohra did provide more information than the company had stated earlier by mentioning that within 5 to 10 years microservers would constitute almost 10 percent of the x64 server market.

“We learn that this chip (Sandy Bridge) is actually coming out in October and will be called, of all things, the Pentium Processor 350. (You would think Intel would go with the Xeon E1 or something.),” writes Timothy Prickett Morgan in his report (opens in new tab).

“According to Bohra, this part will only be available for micro servers and will not be available for desktop systems,” Morgan added.