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Leaked Internal Email from Google Considers the Fate of JavaScript

Google has created Dart web programming technology to take on JavaScript.

In an internal email, which was supposedly leaked, Google claims that the web has started to ‘outgrow’ JavaScript.

"Due to the ‘inherent performance problems’, complex Google apps are struggling to work on JavaScript," as stated in the email.

“Even smaller-scale apps written by hobbyist developers have to navigate a confusing labyrinth of frameworks and incompatible design patterns,” the email continues.

Google has created two scenarios for combatting problems in JavaScript. The first, called Harmony, involves Google ‘evolving’ JavaScript internally. The second is to replace JavaScript with an entirely new langauge such as Dash or Dart, as it is now called.

“Dash is the leapfrog effort that is designed to be a clean break from Javascript. It will seek to keep the parts that have made the Internet so successful, but fill in holes everyone agrees it has,” according to the leaked email.

However, according (opens in new tab) to The Register, many people named in the email claim it was only a draft and does not reflect the view point of any single person within the company or other companies.