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LG Mobile's Head of Marketing Resigns

LG Mobile’s head of marketing, Alex Windle, has left the company.

Windle, who played a key role in the recently launched campaign to recapture the lost market share, is believed to have resigned because of the disappointing performance exhibited by the company lately.

Interestingly, the recent campaign kick started by Windle and his associates happened to be one of the largest ever strategic steps taken by the company to gain back the market share lost to rivals Apple and Nokia.

Windle himself admitted in the July edition of Marketing Week that a considerable portion of the company’s users had drifted to other brands over the past year or so.

The news of Windle’s decision to step down came after LG announced a replacement for it’s UK wing’s general manager Jim Michael. Michael left LG last month after serving the company as general manager for almost six months.

According to a recent evaluation conducted by the research outfit comScore, LG happens to be seventh largest smartphone maker in the US, with about a 1.2 percent market share.