Skip to main content Goes Public to Allow More People to Listen and Share Music, a leading name amongst startups in the tech circle, has finally opened its hugely anticipated online music venture to the public.

The website, which launched in January with a limited number of invitation-only participants, has already received much praise for the services offered so far. A handful of high-profile individuals from the tech industry such as Mark Zuckerberg also could not resist trying the site’s 24/7 social streaming music service.

Now, since the offering has been made public, almost anyone can join and create their own avatars. Furthermore, their virtual avatar can enter an online music venue and DJ their favorite tunes for their buddies.

Those who like the songs being played can click “awesome” as a sign of their appreciation or vote "lame" if the music is not to their liking.

I think this really taps into something deep," co-founder Seth Goldstein said at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. "People really want to experience music together,” as reported by CNN.