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Twitter Encourages the Expansion of Online Advertising

Twitter has extended promoted tweets - a move that will allow brands to post ads in a person’s timeline irrespective of whether or not the user is following it.

Twitter started the ‘promoted tweet’ campaign back in July, 2011 to exploit the platform’s growing popularity in generating more and more revenues from ads. However, during the past few months, promoted-tweets included ads from only those brands which were being followed by users.

But with this latest change in policies, users’ personal time lines will host ad campaigns from brands they may not even follow.

“This will be the first time that consumers will be exposed to adverts in their time lines from brands they don’t follow. Initially, we will make this feature available to a single-digit percentage of our global user base,” said a spokesperson from the company, the Telegraph reports.

“We are carefully measuring how users respond to and engage with these Tweets; based on this response, we will roll this capability out to a wider audience in the coming months,” he added.

The company promised it was going to take all necessary measures to ensure the ads pushed into a user’s personal time lines hold some sort of relevance to the user.