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UK Cultural Secretary Urges Mobile Phone Companies to Set Aside Rivalry

Jeremy Hunt, the UK cultural secretary, is planning to ask mobile operators across the country to put aside from their differences over the 4G broadband roll out and make sufficient provisions for the service’s nationwide usage as soon as possible.

Hunt is planning to address the issue while speaking to attendees of the Royal Television Society's Cambridge Convention, and according to reports, he will also argue that the auction is very much in the “national interest” of the country.

He will also caution against the rivalry amongst the companies and maintain focus on the future of the county.

According to a Telegraph report, Hunt will says the country "must press on as quickly as possible with the 4G auction. He will cite other countries such as Sweden, Germany, Italy and Francefor taking the initiative to complete their auctions already or for scheduling auctions in the near future.

Finally, he will make an appeal to rival companies by reminding mobile phone operators to put aside competitive differences and work together in their common - and national - interest to make this happen.