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UK MoJ Director Says G-Cloud Isn’t Dead

A key member to the UK Government’s delivery board for cloud computing project has claimed that the G-Cloud is “alive and kicking”, even though it continues to suffer from uncertainties.

According to Martin Bellamy, an official from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the G-Cloud project still enjoys the support of the government despite being delayed previously in the wake of the general election in 2010.

The G Project is basically aimed at reducing the costs of all the existing data centre setups within the country. As a part of this process, handful pilot projects have been already conducted.

Also, in order to help the cause, the Home Office has also deployed a multi tenanted private cloud, via managed hosting providers such as Warwickshire Country Council, Savvis etc.

"Anyone who thought the G-Cloud had gone a bit quiet, or that it's died - well, no it's not, it's alive and kicking. The vision remains intact, and there is increasing promise of delivery," Bellamy told a Westminster eForum event on Tuesday, ZDNet reports.

“It's related to people who grew up in IT in the 80's and 90's, where putting IT in place [meant] a specified solution in terms of business outcome," he added during an exclusive statement to the ZDNet.