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uTorrent file-sharing site hacked, malware left sister site uTorrent has fallen victim to a hacking attack. Intruders compromised the site's servers and replaced the file-sharing hub's standard Windows software download with a fake antivirus 'scareware' program.

The site reported on its blog that the attack had occurred at around 04:20 Pacific Daylight Time (11:20 GMT) on Tuesday. Initially, the incursion was also thought to have affected the servers of the main BitTorrent site, but further investigation revealed this site had been unaffected by the attack.

Administrators on the web site took the servers offline at 6:00 PDT to remove the threat.

The malware, which installs a program calling itself 'Security Shield', alerts users via a series of pop-up warnings that their PC is allegedly infected with a virus, and prompts them to pay money via their credit card to remove it.

BitTorrent advises anyone who downloaded software from uTorrent between 4:20 and 6:10 PDT to scan their computer for malware.