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Apple Drops Racist ‘Jew or Not a Jew’ App in France

Apple has removed an app from its French App Store which allowed people to determine whether a particular politician or celebrity is Jewish or not.

The iPad maker was forced to remove the ‘Jew or not a Jew’ app after France based anti-racism groups rallied against the company and threatened to file a lawsuit against it.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Jewish and social activists groups had urged Apple to remove the app from the online applications store because it violates a French law which prohibits the disclosure of anyone’s religion without their consent and gathering data about people’s religions.

The app, which was launched in August, has been removed from the App Store in France but, continues to be available in the United States where such laws are not present but bans hate speech nonetheless.

The app’s developer, Johann Lévy, who is himself a Jew, claimed that he had no knowledge that he was breaking the law when he released it. He said that the app is meant for people curious about the religion of celebrities and other famous people.

"I often ask myself whether this or that celebrity is Jewish or not. I believe that it's a question that many Jews ask themselves too" the developer said.