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Apple Plans Hardware Upgrade for MacBook Pro Just in Time for the Holiday Season

Apple could soon introduce a new hardware upgrade to its MacBook Pro product line, according to a recent report.

The news first broke out on the technology site AppleInsider, where it was reported that the iPhone maker was panning to unveil new models of its massively popular MacBook Pro portables, equipped with faster Intel processors.

According to the AppleInsider report, which cites several unnamed sources, Apple is planning to start shipping new models sometime during the holiday shopping season.

“According to people with proven insight into Apple's future product plans, the late-2011 MacBook Pro refresh will deliver marginal speed bumps to the notebooks' Core i-Series of Sandy Bridge processors but will otherwise introduce no material changes over the existing models,” Josh Lowensohn of AppleInsider wrote in his report (opens in new tab).

“While precise timing for the update may change, those same people say the Mac maker currently anticipates an introduction of the refreshed line before the end of the month,” he added.

The last major update to the MacBook Pro came earlier in February of this year when the company introduced Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs to the entire product line.