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ASA Says iPhone 4 is World’s Thinnest Smartphone, Not Galaxy S II

Samsung’s campaign of projecting its Galaxy S II as the world’s thinnest smartphone has suffered a massive setback after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), UK had ruled that it is the Apple iPhone 4, and not the Galaxy S II which deserves the title of thinnest-smartphone in the world.

Samsung’s claims were basically based on the argument that the thinnest part of the Galaxy S II, at 8.71 mm is much thinner than the iPhone 4 which has a uniform depth of 9.3 mm. Now, that should have made the Galaxy S II the world’s thinnest smartphone.

The argument by Samsung could not convince the Cupertino based iPhone maker as it appealed to the ASA to have a look on the issue. In its appeal, Apple countered Samsung’s logic by saying that consumers would not be interested in the thinnest part of the Galaxy S II, but in the overall measurement of the device.

The iPhone maker also pointed out to the bulges present in the Galaxy S II’s back panel to accommodate the camera lens and the antenna as well as the built in microphone. At its thickest point, the Galaxy S II measures at around 9.91 mm, and that makes some 0.61 mm thicker than the iPhone 4.