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Bitcasa Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage for $10 Per Month

Bitcasa, a new virtualised storage start-up, is offering unlimited storage on the cloud for $10 per month.

The service, which was unveiled at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, will turn a users local hard drive into a never ending reservoir of storage, allowing them to easily back-up files and access them from any device or share with whomever they want.

According to Bitcasa CEO Tony Gauda, the company will be able to offer unlimited storage because there will be no duplication of files. Bitcasa believes that 60 percent of the data stored on the service will be identical.

The company will use ‘patented de-duplication algorithms, compression techniques, and encryption’, to keep maintenance costs down to provide users with unlimited storage. The idea of unlimited storage is based on the fact that many users have the same songs and movies stored on a hard disk drive. Similar files will only be stored once and accessible to all who upload it.

Gauda also talked about the security, citing that all the data stored by users will be encrypted, meaning that even the company won’t be able to view the data. The only risk users will face is if their password is stolen.