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Brits take smartphones, tablets into the bath

According to purveyor of perfumed thickened water, Original Source shower care, UK smartphone users can't take a bath without having their gadgets at hand.

Its research suggests that one in 20 Britons regularly takes a smartphone or iPad into the bath with them to keep updated with work and social networking sites.

The shower gel specialist reckons Britons only take six baths a year (each!), preferring a presumably frothy shower instead. But it reckons that some 14.7 million bathing experiences are enhanced with the presence of friends on the end of a wireless connection every year.

The average Brit prefers to shower every other day, while 22 per cent shower up to three times a week, according to the survey of 3,000 soap buyers.

Original Source senior brand manager, Annie Anstey, said: “We are now a nation of shower enthusiasts however, and the main reason is that taking a shower is so much quicker, more efficient and more economical in terms of how much water we use and how much it costs to heat that water.

“But we’d like to remind people to leave their smartphones and gadgets at the bathroom door… they definitely don’t benefit from a good soak!”