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Google Strengthens Android Patent Portfolio, Buys 1000+ Patents from IBM

In an attempt to fortify Android against lawsuits, search engine giant Google has acquired more than 1,000 patents related to mobile technology from International Business Machines.

According to Bloomberg, transfer papers filed with the US Patent and Trademarks office reveal that Google acquired 1,023 patents from IBM on August 17.

A spokesperson for Google confirmed the acquisition but failed to give any details, including the contents of the patent and the financial details. IBM also refused to comment on the sale.

Google’s Android platform has come under attack from all sides, as it continues to advance and steps on a lot of toes. At the moment, Oracle, Microsoft and Apple are using their legal might to deter Android from its growth trajectory.

The company, in order to beef-up its patent arsenal, has announced that it intends to acquire smartphone maker Motorola, which owns more than 17,000 patents related to mobile technology. It recently emerged that Google initially wanted to pay around $9 billion for the company, but ended up paying $3 billion more, something which highlights the importance of these patents.