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HTC Sensation XE iPhone 5 Rival Goes On Preorder For £500

The HTC Sensation XE superphone has gone on preorder at Expansys for £500 - with a release date set for the 7th of October - and is the direct replacement of the HTC Sensation smartphone which was released only a few months ago.

The handset comes with the MSM8260, a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC, which incidentally is exactly the same as the one used on the Sensation only with a higher clock speed (1.5GHz vs 1.2GHz).

The XE is 3g heavier than the Sensation MK1 but also comes with a bigger battery (1730mAh) and a better battery life (550 minutes talktime and 310 hours standby on 3G respectively). The rise in clock speed - up by a quarter) did not have a negative impact on how long the phone can be used.

There's also 4GB total storage compared to 1GB for the original Sensation and the move to a classier design with red bordeaux speaker cover and keys. As expected, the new top of the range handset comes with Beats Audio technology with custom made Beats headsets.

The rest is pretty much the same; 768MB RAM, Android Gingerbread with HTC Sense UI, an eight-megapixel colour camera with a front VGA front one plus 1080p HD vide recording capabilities.

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