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Intel VP's Keynote Speech at IDF 2011 Includes Details about "Ivy Bridge"

The second day of the Intel Developers Forum started with the company’s vice president and general manager Mooly Eden’s keynote speech.

Eden did not miss the opportunity to give attendees an overview of the chipmaker’s Ultrabook ambitions as well as some insight into its current state of business.

His speech started with a casual discussion of overall sales in the PC industry and emerging demands in developing markets. He also spoke about the tremendous change PCs have undergone since they were first launched, and also about the industry’s impressive flexibility in terms of meeting consumer expectations.

Eden’s keynote speech also included special mention of the company’s “Ivy Bridge” chips which are likely to feature a series of enhancements, including the integration of advanced graphics. Intel hopes "Ivy Bridge" is capable of emerging as the company’s answer to rival AMD’s Fusion APUs.

“Today, with the majority of the market, it is not about user experience. It is about productivity," Eden explained, as reported by V3. "This was really traumatic for us engineers. We had to go through a major transformation," he added.